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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Hello dear residents,

In the past few months, the center of the struggle to save Ein Karem has been working to prevent the construction of IDF colleges in Ein Karem, mainly politically with elected representatives. This upcoming Wednesday, at 09:00, the topic will come up in a debate with the Reform Committee headed by MK, Rachel Azariah.
Past experience shows that a strong public presence, influencesthe positions of MK's, of course, and the interest of the media and overall coverage of the discussion. You are welcome to come and take part in the discussion as well as influence its outcome.
Three years ago, the establishment of IDF colleges in the Jerusalem Forest, was prevented due to a similar discussion that arose in the Knesset International Affairs Committee and with the help of the massive presence of residents in the committee!! Your presence is crucial to our success.
See you in the Knesset on Wednesday."

– Save Ein Karem

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