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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Meet Dugu Leitner, he comes to the same falafel stand in the Mahane Yehuda Shuk every year on January 18th- to celebrate his victory against the Nazis – with two portions of falafel."

– Channel 2

[Selected quotes:]

– "(Singing the Wedding March composed by Felix Mendelssohn)."
"We're not getting married today Dugu, we're not getting married."
– "He who eats falafel for 120 years, lives many years!"
– (Discussing the numbers tattooed on his arm)
"And you know why there are two?"
"I'll tell you, there was a sale, and there was two for the price of one. That's a joke. I'm just kidding."
– "The story with the falafel…Me, 73 years ago, a 14 and a half year old boy did a death march from Birkenau…It's 18 degrees below zero and I am without clothes, and the way I look, and I march with eyes closed. I can't open my eyes from the heavy snow and strong winds. We don't eat, we don't drink…I fall asleep and dream…[in dream] I ask my mom, 'please give me a kreplach' my mom said, 'Dugu, I can't give you anything, only when we are in Jerusalem'…I wake up and half my body is ice…Later, I come to Israel, move to Jerusalem…I get to the Shuk in Mahane Yehuda, I hear the shimmering of oil…as if what my mom said, but here kreplach is called falafel!"

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