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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"'Park HaMesila' [Railway Park] in Emek Refaim…
Whether it pains you, you care about it, it’s important to you, or you are just curious.
Join the organization now: ‘Train in the valley – transferring the Light Rail to Emek Refaim’."

– Jerusalemites group

[Selected Comments:]
– "In my opinion, all the Light Rail trains changed life in the city for the worse. Routes could have been created for public transportation that would have been much cheaper, and more effective. I’m against the Light Rail passing through the German Colony, and the route that’s planned from Derech Hevron road to the Old City. I want Jerusalem simple, beautiful and functioning."
– "Your protests have made you crazy: Not on Emek Refaim street; not through 'Park HaMesila'. So where? What about public transportation that doesn’t pollute the air we and our children breathe?"
– "I'm sorry, but I’m actually in favor of the Light Rail route following the course of the old railway [1]. There’s no reason for closing Emek Refaim or Dereh Beit Lehem to the passage of vehicles, when there’s a parallel [pedestrianized] route available for the Light Rail. Also, because in the past a railway passed there, there’s no infrastructure under the ground. In order for it to pass through Emek Refaim or Dereh Beit Lehem, you have to dig and transfer infrastructure – electricity, sewage and communications. They’re narrow roads that’ll be completely blocked for the entire period of construction."
– "After a few years of suffering (no more than five) the area will flourish. The quality of life will improve, and the value of property will rise significantly… They don’t look ahead, they only see what they want [now] (I am a resident of the area)."

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] 'Park HaMesila' is constructed along the route of the historical railway, built by the Ottomans, that connected Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and Haifa.
Jerusalem's public transportation system includes a Light Rail; a new line is being constructed, and it's route is a cause for much debate. Residents of the Emek Refaim area oppose the idea that the route should pass through their main street, a commercial area popular with tourists. 'Park HaMesila', a recently pedestrianized outdoor space running parallel to Emek Refaim street, has been proposed as an alternative option. For more on this issue, see: https://goo.gl/zzNPrV.

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