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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Railroad Park – Is this the end?

The struggle over the route of the Light Rail has been taking a dramatic and worrisome turn in the last few days.
A week ago, the neighborhood [German Colony/Baka] received a surprise visit from the Minister of Transportation, who came to examine the various alternatives offered for the Blue Line. [1]
In recent days, the messages coming out the minister's office leave no room for doubt: the Railroad Park alternative is being seriously considered as a possible alternative to Emek Refaim St.
Not as in a tunnel – ON the park.
Someone here has lost it.
Railroad Park is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and successful urban developments in the city. It is a meeting place for thousands of people every day, from all neighborhoods, ages and sectors.
Placing a train track on the park means eliminating the park as we know it. This is not an artery of traffic or a commercial street, like Emek Refaim, but rather a park – an urban nature area A site where you can stay, rest, lie down. No one will bring a picnic blanket to or near railroad tracks.
Yes, Emek Refaim needs to be saved as well and the train will do it no good. However, the Railroad Park needs much less: just do not spoil it. […]”

[In the photograph: “Dear Minister, Please don’t destroy the Railroad Park!”]

– Rakevet BaEmek Facebook Page

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] The Jerusalem Light Rail and specifically the proposed blue line route that goes through Emek Refaim St. have been topics of great controversy of the last two years. As well as being a commercial center, Emek Refaim St. is the main route for both public and private transportation in the German Colony. Due to the controversy, the Railroad Park, a park that runs parallel to Emek Refaim has been offered as an alternative route for the Light Rail.


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