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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


“Archbishop Hanna [Theodosios of Sebastia]: 'The city of Jerusalem is the first Qibla [1] for Christians all over the world. Christians around the world should defend the city and travel to Palestine.'

The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Attallah Hanna has stated that the city of Jerusalem, which is home to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, is the first Qibla for Christians all over the world.

In an interview on Palestine T.V, which was broadcast live on several Arab television stations simultaneously, Archbishop Hanna confirmed that there is a unified Christian stance rejecting the American announcement on Jerusalem [2]; he stated that all Christian churches reject and condemn this unacceptable announcement which presents the city of Jerusalem on a platter to the Occupying state [Israel]. He went on to say that Jerusalem is the cradle of all holy sanctuaries and is the eternal capital of Palestine, and that no political entity has the right to nullify Palestinian rights to the city.

The Archbishop also urged all churches in the world to direct their attention to Jerusalem and defend the city: ‘When you defend Jerusalem, you are defending your religion and the highest principles called for in the Holy Bible.’ He added, ‘We hope that all religious authorities, Muslim and Christian, will speak together in a unified voice against what is happening in Jerusalem and in our country.’”

– Palestine T.V

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] Qibla is an Arabic term which refers to the direction in which people are instructed to pray. The word is used by both Christians and Muslims, with Muslims using the word to refer to praying towards the city of Mecca.
[2] The American announcement on Jerusalem refers to Donald Trump's announcement of December 6 in which he stated that the USA would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. For a post amalgamating West Jerusalemite, East Jerusalemite and Haredi Jerusalemite perspectives on the episode, see: https://goo.gl/oud2a8.

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