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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem

News Digest: Aftermath of Municipal Workers' Strike


"Wasn't the strike in Jerusalem supposed to have ended last week? [1]
Did I miss something? Or did Nir Barkat decide unilaterally to give up Jerusalem's northern neighborhoods and fail to clean them up?

These are pictures from the tour I arranged today with Beit Hanina and Shuafat residents that for some reason still have to tolerate the trash that is not being collected in their neighborhoods.
The interests for a 'United Jerusalem'[2], will include all of the city's residents, including the mayor's personal political motivations."

– Arieh King

[Selected comments:]

– "Arieh. First, they should pay Arnona [3]. Don't look for expenses. Aside from that, it's dangerous to be there."
–Response from Arieh King: "It is definitely not dangerous. You are welcome to tour with me there anytime you want. In terms of Arnona payments, the payment discrepancy between Beit Hanina and the rest of Jerusalem results in 11%."


“These photos were taken in the town of Issawiya, specifically from the area where the wall runs adjacent to Hebrew University. This is what the area looked like this morning [filled with garbage]. The municipal service hotline #106 refuses to take complaints alleging that sanitation workers will eventually reach all areas. We will be waiting to see if this happens.
But the main problem here is there are no dumpsters available in the first place.
We refuse to live with garbage all around us!!!


– Mini Active [4]
0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] The Jerusalem Municipality Workers Union announced a general strike on Saturday, January 6th, 2018, following Mayor Nir Barkat’s declaration last week that 2,150 workers will be laid off due to a budget conflict with the Ministry of Finance. Due to the strike, garbage piled up and overflowed the streets of Jerusalem.
[2] Arieh King is director and founder of the Israel Land Fund and sits on the Jerusalem City Council. 'United Jerusalem' is his political party.
[3] Arnona is a municipal tax for property.
[4] Mini Active is a women’s organization in Jerusalem that aims at causing social change through small steps. The organization aims at solving small problems in the community in a short amount of time, by asking the proper authorities for help and solutions. This includes problems with garbage pick-up, streets and sidewalks, electricity and much more.

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