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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


News Digest: Salah A-Din Street Protest

“A demonstration is taking place [January 13, 2018] in Salah A-Din Street [in East Jerusalem] against Donald Trump’s decision [1].”

– Quds News Network
“A number of people have been injured after Occupation forces assaulted protesters demonstrating in Occupied Jerusalem.”

– Nawras News Twitter Feed
“The Red Crescent: three people injured by sound grenades in a protest on Salah A-Din Street in Jerusalem including a paramedic who was trying to provide medical assistance to one of the injured protesters.”

– Beit Hanina FB page

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] This is referring to US President Trump's announcement on December 6th, 2017 in which he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. Palestinians have been protesting this announcement in a number of different locations in Jerusalem since the announcement, one of which is Salah A-Din Street, a major commercial street in East Jerusalem.

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