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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Defiling God's Name In the Knesset\\ Moshe Wiseberg

The Israeli Knesset, home to Israel's democracy, opens its doors to visitors at all hours of the day. Yeshiva students from Jerusalem who've figured out that they can enter the heart of the action with their ID's, have made a habit of making themselves comfortable behind the glass and watching representatives argue well into the night. Sitting in the journalists' isle, I was shocked by the Chilul Hashem [1] caused by those Yeshiva boys […] Haredi representatives were repeatedly asked about the phenomenon: don't these young men need to learn in Yeshiva? What will they do tomorrow, sleep in all morning? What is it doing for them to exempt them from their military service, so that they can sit behind the glass and listen to us? […] Even minister Ayelet Shaked said in her speech, "I see there is a large Haredi crowd here at 1:50, it's good to see that there is an interested and involved young Haredi generation". The Haredi representatives hung their heads in shame. One of them attempted to apologize by mentioning "they don't have a TV". His fellow party member yelled, "Shut up already!". Oh, the shame. […] the Haredi Knesset members' resentment is completely understandable. Besides the dirty language of the opposition members, the secular members looked on in disdain at the young men behind the glass, like animals in a cage. This Chilul Hashem yells out to the heavens, worse than anything secular people do in their supermarkets on the Sabbath."

– B'Hadrei Haredim

0202 Editor's Note:
[1] ChIilul Hashem – desecrating God's name, lit., when a Jew acts immorally in the presence of others, thus defiling God's name, as His representative on Earth.

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