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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"A good and blessed morning to you all!

I must share with you all, my fellow musicians, you will understand how nasty and mean people can be…
Yesterday, I went to play the oud on Ben Yehuda and spread a little bit of joy in this holy city with piyyutim [1] and Arab and Turkish tunes that everyone loves…
At first, I sat in the middle of the intersection between Ben Hillel and Ben Yehuda streets, when out of nowhere appeared a boisterous woman who lives next door and started screaming at me. She humiliated me, and pleaded with me to move away and play further down the road. After chasing me to make sure I moved down to Kikar Zion to play, she threatened to call the police. The wicked witch hates street musicians and told me to go work hahahaha…
What she doesn't know is that in the morning I work to make a living and in the evenings I often do what I really love — music…
And to the same embittered, loud woman who humiliated me – I understand that it bothers you that we play next to your house, but there is a way to speak to people with respect…it's shameful (and the Rabbis taught us that this sin is the most severe).
And I will never forgive you for what you did to me yesterday, not even for a hundred years. Not even if one hundred Days of Atonement elapsed…there is no forgiveness for your wickedness…
And to summarize, dear musicians, avoid playing in this area so you won't encounter this witch or experience this level of disgrace…
A blessed and peaceful Shabbat."

– Jerusalem Musicians Facebook Group

[Selected comments"]

– "No need to freak out from one woman…be strong!"
– "[…]One of those with Jerusalem Syndrome in high levels. Yells at everyone."
– "Put up a clip of you playing…We'll throw you a tip in bitcoin 😂 "

0202 Editors' Notes:
[1] Piyyutim are Jewish liturgical poems with origins in Sephardic and Arab Jewry.

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