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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem



The presence of Israeli companies on the streets of Jerusalem will never be taken lightly [by Palestinians]. It comes as part of a plan to Judaize Jerusalem, which is an even heavier price [for us] than the economic impact on Palestinian business [of having tough competition]. The presence of these companies on these streets is meant to condition Palestinians to become accustomed to the presence of colonialism in every place, thereby giving up on the last remnants of the dream of freedom.
This video is a part of a campaign to bring awareness to this phenomenon and an attempt to stop it and save what's left of the Palestinian imprint on the city of Jerusalem.

And you, what do you think?

Share the campaign and be part of it using the hashtag #Our_markets_are_Palestinian"

– Nabd Youth Forum

0202 Editor's Note:
In the video, young Palestinians are asked about the opening of the Israeli low-priced cafe chains Cofix and Cofizz on Salah A-Din Street in Jerusalem. When asked if they knew that the stores were Israeli, not all knew. One young woman said she buys wherever is cheapest, regardless of whether it belonged to Arabs or Israelis, as these stores are as low as a third of the price. On the other hand, another said it was bad because it takes business away from other stores. Another said his cousin was 'martyred' by Jews, and that ever since then he doesn't buy from Jews.

#Competition #Judaizition