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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


[Caption translation in image:]
"The increase in divorce rates is abnormal-not only here, almost every society has the same problem.
Where did we go wrong??? "

– A post from the Facebook group, 'Ask Jerusalem'

[Selected comments:]

-"One of the main reasons for high divorce rates is related to the mixing of men and women in the workplace, in the university environment and in various institutions, in addition to the transition of society from more reserved forms of human behaviorisms to uncensored openness. The fact that the Occupation has made restricted marriage due to the racist separation fence has led to parental intervention. Of course, the transition to Twitter and Facebook, which allows for unacceptable relationships has also led to similar behaviors and excessive openness. First and foremost, distancing ourselves from the laws of Allah, the head of wisdom and societal integrity can lead to problems on a societal scale."

– "It may be that they do not want each other from the beginning, but the parents force the daughter and convince her, 'No, it's good, no – go on, no'. I do not know what happens in the end. He starts making up problems, then she does. She can fabricate stories such as: her spouse does not love her, or he will say that she does not have the ability to care for her home or has problems with her in-laws, among other embellished stories."

– "Jealousy and envy, technological development and societal detachment from religion… and unfortunately there is no fear of God, only increases the divorce rates."

– "The problem comes from Turkish and Indian films."

– "The problem is that they were not taught about responsibility."

– "The wrong choice in the first place."

– "There is no wrong- simply people became aware and stop accepting what was wrong and stopped being silent about it"

– "Marriage is the most important reason behind divorce rates."

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