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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Supreme Court Justices To Discuss the Egalitarian Prayer Section Of The Kotel

On Sunday, the Bagatz [1] is expected to convene an expanded panel of eight judges to discuss the the government freeze of funds on the reform prayer section.
Behadrei Haredim reports that at the request of The Women Of The Wall [2], the Bagatz will allow them to present videos supporting their claims.
A senior official described it by saying: “It'll be a media show accompanied by videos.”
They also stated that all parties will be allowed to present videos on their behalf.
The judges further determined that "the videos intended for such presentations to be transferred to all other parties no later than 11.1.2018 at 12:00. The Secretariat will prepare for the courtroom presentation by showing the videos."

0202 Editor's Notes.
[1] Bagatz- Supreme Court.
[2] Women Of The Wall – A feminist organization based in Israel whose goal is to secure the right of women to pray at the Western Wall, in a fashion that includes singing, reading aloud from the Torah and wearing religious garments (Tallit, Tefillin and Kippah).

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