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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Solicitation of Prostitution, Threats and Middle Men: Recordings Reveal How Right-Wing Organization Acted to Judaize Jerusalem

In one case he offered one to two girls to the property owner; in another case, he made sure that someone with a ‘good name’ would be at the front [of the deal]. Conversations by the head of ‘Ateret Cohanim’ [1] uncovered from the 1990’s, shed light on the ways in which the organization took possession of Palestinian property in East Jerusalem”

– Nir Hasson, blogger on current events in Jerusalem in 'Haaretz' newspaper
“So recited the priests of Jerusalem: By these three means is the Land of Israel bought – money, deed, and coition;

What is meant by coition? These are women that were exploited, and they said: The woman cannot be bought, but by trial and misery;

Mourning, the land was corrupted, and spoke flattery to its dwellers;

So heard the judges, heard the prophets, heard the scribes, heard the scholars;

They dressed themselves in rags, and cried to the Lord, of the theft that stained their hands;

And the Lord was pacified, Jerusalem did not fall, for one reproached the other, and in the city remained men of conviction. [2]
Written in hope for amendment, following the exposé of Nir Hasson in ‘Haaretz’ newspaper about ‘Ateret Cohanim’ and its actions, the explotation of women in order to purchase lands in East Jerusalem.”

– Elad Caplan, West Jerusalem activist

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] ‘Ateret Cohanim’ is an organization that aims to settle Jews in East Jerusalem and The Old City.
[2] Borrows themes and concepts from the ‘Mishna’, a part of Jewish religious canon

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