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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Minibus services in Jerusalem – from dream to reality!

After hard work by city councilor Elad Malka, 6 minibus taxi lines will begin running in the city.

At the beginning of this term, after thorough research on the structure of public transport in the city and in light of the many complaints from, you, the public, we have reached the understanding that there is a need for supplementary transportation in the city, in addition to the existing active bus lines.

The load on Egged bus lines is large and unbearable, so additional operators need to be added in order to make the transportation network more efficient. [1] Moreover, there are places where minibus taxis can provide a better solution for you, the residents of Jerusalem.

After much effort, meetings, plans, and pressure, we provided results! […]"

– Hit'orerut [2]

[Selected Comments]:
– "And what about on Shabbat?" -"You are asking for too much" [3]
– "This solution is only topical. It could make things even worse in the Industrial Zone of Talpiyot. Unless there are radical changes in the way transportation is handled in that area, every additional vehicle will only worsen the traffic."
-"Yeah, great… but it still costs more money. The regular student bus pass (with the yearly discount) doesn't cover these services. Students will need to pay extra for an extended bus pass…"

0202 Editor's Notes:
[1] Public transportation is a major issue for Jerusalem residents. The public buses are run by the company 'Egged,' which has been accused of holding a monopoly over the transportation in Jerusalem. Moreover, there are separate bus lines. or 'White buses,' that go into areas of East Jerusalem and predominantly serve the Arab residents of Jerusalem.
[2] Hit'orerut is a local party. Their voter constituency is primarily the younger population and secular Jerusalemites. They promote a pluralistic agenda.
[3] The Sabbath, or ‘Shabbat,’ is the Jewish day of rest which begins Friday evening and continues until Saturday evening. Jewish Sabbath observance according to religious law includes many prohibitions on the Sabbath day, such as driving.

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