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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Once again, the Arabs are playing soccer on the Temple Mount where the Holy Temple used to stand." [1]

– Divuach Rishoni News

[Selected Comments:]

– "Muslims do not give special sanctity to the Dome of the Rock, where the Temple stood. Dome of the Rock (Kubat a-Chakhra) is an ancient building built on a huge rock (probably the foundation stone) and was not used as a mosque until recent years when the place became a women's mosque. The Al-Aqsa mosque, which appears to be in the Quran, is the holiest place [on this site] in their opinion and therefore the whole area is now called Al-Aqsa, not 'Haram al-Sharif,' as it was once called twenty years ago. The Second Intifada is also named after Al-Aqsa."
– "Rabbi Akiva laughed when he saw that foxes entered and exited the Temple Mount and the Holy of Holies. To this, it is said, 'and foxes will walk through it.' [2] Why did Rabbi Akiva laugh? Because he saw that in a thousand years it wouldn't be foxes and animals but instead Arab terrorists who would walk through the Temple Mount and use it as a place for terror and incitement. Looking back today, it really is funny that foxes went into the Holy of Holies…"

0202 Editor's notes:
[1] Since 1967, Jordan and Israel agreed that the Waqf, or the Islamic trust, would have control over matters inside Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, while Israel would control external security. Non-Muslims would be allowed onto the site during visiting hours, but would not be allowed to pray there. This agreement is what is referred to as the 'status quo.'
[2] This quote originates in the Talmud and is most often used in reference to the great sorrow over the biblical destruction of the Second Temple.

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