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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"Three arrested in pre-dawn raid in Jerusalem, for allegedly harassing a computer cafe which doesn't carry the necessary kosher certification [1]. Organization officials say locals began to protest when the certification was removed but has no connection to the organization.

The secretary of the community purity committee, better known as Mishmeret Ha’Tzniut [2], was arrested along with two others on charges of harassing a computer shop where their supervision was removed.

A number of weeks ago, store owners removed the supervision, seeing it as an unnecessary expense. The committee claims that the removal led to protests by locals which caused damage to several computers, but had no connection with the committee.

– B'Hadrei HaHaredim

[1] Certification/Supervision- Since the beginning of 2017 the Committee of Community Purity issued regulations for internet Cafes in the ultra-Orthodox community, which would be under its approval supervision.
[2] Mishmeret Ha’Tzniut – An organization similar to the modesty police. They implement a community watch claiming to tackle problems such as rape and molestation, by their own means without reporting incidents to the police.

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