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Points of Views
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0202 – Points of View from Jerusalem


"A Jerusalem-esque moment of a human being pausing his daily life to unite with his God. Jew, Muslim, Christian, it doesn't matter. This is a touching moment."

– Jerusalemites Facebook group

[Selected comments:]
-"So beautiful! …In spite of the fact that it looks like a flat tire."
-"Interesting. If a Haredi was wrapping tefillin in a non-coercive manner for a Jewish man in Kikar Zion because the Jew agreed to do so, would it also be touching? The obvious answer is that it would be religious coercion… So give me a break with the overflowing humanism. This is not touching."
-"What is this? Saudi Arabia? What's touching about this?"
-"He should stay on the floor and not get up."
-"You found just the place to post this… In one of of the most racist Facebook groups."

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