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0202 – A View from East Jerusalem

“Remember the preschool, A-Tur Al-Mustakila located on Al-Khilla Street, alleyway 4????? This is the scene from a dumpster there today after municipality workers collected the trash. Is it logical that this is at the entrance of a preschool from 3-5-year-olds? The workers of the Jerusalem municipality should fear God when dealing with the children at this preschool.”

-Mini Active Facebook page

[Selected comments:]

-“Look at the pictures! Even the [school] sign is burnt, and it’s possible that the school will burn down as well, God forbid. This is a tragedy.”

-If this was on the Jewish side they wouldn’t be quiet; they would close the school, sue in court and make big deal until the problem was fixed.

-There should be cooperation between the municipality and the residents of the area to keeping the area clean.”

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